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Maaser and charity with separate funds


I have three separate bank accounts. In one of them I receive my salary. In the second one, I deposit all the maaser money. I have a question with the third one. Is it halachically permissible to use it as a separate charity fund (deducted from my salary) or is enough to use the maaser money for it?

For example: I earn 1000 dollars a month. Therefore the maaser is 100 dollars, having a remaining net of 900. When i have to give to charity (my question comes here), should i give the 100 dollars of the maaser or should i take a separate quantity from the 900 dollars?

Thank you


Once you have deducted 10% of your profit, and have separated it and depositied into the second account, you may use that second account that has maaser or tzedokoh money to distribute. I see no need for the third account. If I am missing something please elaborate.

This summary may be helpful to you as well.

Summary ofPractical Hilchos maaser kesofim



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