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Bar mitzvah date conflict


Dear Rabbi,
My son’s birthday is כ״ו Adar- Friday
The next day is Shabbat parsha Vayakel-Pekuday. However another family reserved this day already.
What are our options halachically if we would like celebrate at the same Shul? Does my son get called up for an Aliya on Shabbat Vayakel-Pekuday, reciting only the brachot? Or, should we reserve Shabbat Vayikra (including reading from the Torah) even though this date is more than a week after his 13th birthday?
Thank you in advance,


You have many options available.

for example, your son can read the beginning of Parshat Vayikra at Mincha and get an aliyah and have his full day of Bar Mitzvah the following week, Shabbat Vayikro and get an aliyah again.

You can celebrate at a kiddush/ seuda shelishit either Shabbat.

Why don’t you raise the issue with the rabbi at your shul? He may have a creative solution or inform you of shul policy on the matter.



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