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A larger Sukkah is being erected in a yard. Due to it’s size, some of the nearby trees/branches are hanging over part of the Sukkah. Does this invalidate the entire Sukkah, or simply the area/space covered by the tree branches? Thank You.


Should the branches hang over the schach but not touch the schach, even if the branches and leaves are thick, they may invalidate the area of kosher schach under them. If the rest of the succa is large enough to be kosher on its own and it is covered with enough kosher schach, one may sit in the succa and mark off the section that is under the trees as invalid.

If you are more specific or attach a picture (if this is technically feasible through this medium-perhaps contact the director of operations) another rav may be able to respond more accurately to your query.



See Shulchan Aruch O.C. 626.

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