Can I live in same yishuv as my garush (ex husband) , in the opposite end of it? We have shared custody and I have not been able to find a rental for months other than in the same yishuv


You may live in the same yishuv as your ex lives in provided you are not both on the same dead-end street. As long as the streets or sidewalks pass through and do not end in a cul de sac you may live in the same yishuv.

This is especially true if as you say you are on opposite ends of the village.

Living in the same area is also beneficial for your children. you describe a relationship of shared custody which sounds like the children are changing homes often. In such situations it is even more important for the homes to be near each other.

It is advisable for the primary consideration of both parents to be the welfare of their children. If it is best for the shared children that the parents be near each other, then halochoh would recognize that objective as the preferred choice of residence provided it does not conflict with the restrictions mentioned earlier.

For a fuller understanding of the halachot regarding interaction between a divorced couple and proximity of residence, see Even Haezer 119 and particularly seif 8.

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