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Taking down mezuzot?



I am currently renting an apartment with roommates in Israel. When I moved in, there was a mezuzah on my bedroom door, but there wasn’t a mezuzah on the front door. Upon moving in I immediately put one of my own mezuzot up on the front door (it’s a mezuzah from my old apartment). On my bedroom door, I took down the existing mezuzah and put up my own (also from a pervious apartment where I needed to remove it when leaving). I’ve kept the original mezuzah on a bookshelf. I am now leaving this apartment. My questions are:

– Can I remove either or both of the mezuzot when I leave and take them with me for my new apartment? They both have sentimental value. However, the apartment in question is owned by Jews and my Jewish roommates are staying in the apartment. If I take the front door mezuzah, they’ll be left without one and will need to purchase a new one.

– Can I put the original mezuzah that was on my bedroom door back up and take my mezuzah with me for my new apartment?

– If I can’t take the Klaf from either mezuzah, can I take the mezuzot cases as they are valuable, and replace them with simpler, cheaper ones?

Thank you.


Providing the mezuzah you took down was kosher you can put it back on the bedroom door and take your own mezuzah. Regarding the front door you can purchase a cheaper kosher mezuzah and exchange it for your own mezuzah. There is no problem to leave the klaf there and replace the external mezuzah case.



Bava Metziah 102 a, Y:D 291:2

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