hello i would like to ask if someone is dating
can they sit in the living-room and dining room were there is (no one else in the house)
a) large windows and can be easily seen from the street by anyone passing by (its a busy street)
b) same set up would leaving the wooden door open and just having a screen/security door closed (locked or unlocked

and if the above is Kosher if he or she goes out of view of the window to the restroom for a few minutes is it ok for the other to clear up the cups and plates into the kitchen and thus both would be out of view from outside though in separate areas and one locking themselves in the restroom
and what if ONE is still in view even while in the kitchen (really large windows)
and what if from the outside only 1 of the 2 can be seen

thank you

2nd in a house with a driveway and back yard can the pair sit in the backyard if the gate to the back yard is left wide open were normally it is closed but used all the time (i know that people would use that open gate as a opportunity to look inside bottle collectors and even petty thieves)

thank you

and i guess i need to ask is it different between daytime and night time for both cases
thank you


If there are large windows where one can been seen easily from the street there is no problem of Yichud. There is a halachic dispute regarding one who locks himself in a room if there is a yichud issue.


Teshuvos Nodah Beyehudah E:H 71, Ezer Mekodesh E:H 22:9, Maharsham 2 Index 76, O:CH 239 Shar Hatzion 17, Tzitz Eliezer 6:40.

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