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Half jewish


Hello Rabbi,

I have a question I hope you can help me answer.

My mother is Jewish my father is Romanian Orthodox ( Greek Orthodox ). I have always identified and have personally been attracted to Judaism vs Christianity.

As a single guy I have searched for a partner of the Jewish faith.

My conundrum. I have been running into a large number of people who state that I’m “half-jewish”. I’m technically Jewish but not 100% genetically Jewish because my father wasn’t Jewish.

I was brought up understanding that my mother being Jewish, makes me 100% Jewish. While I’m not observant, I’ve spoken to Rabbi’s who confirm the same.

I was wondering what your thoughts on the subject ?

Best regards,

PS. This question may be posted but I ask that my last name be left out of any posting.


If your mother is undoubtedly Jewish you are 100% Jewish not  “half-jewish”, and therefore do not need any sort of conversion.


Yevomas 45a, E:H 4:19

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