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“Multi faith room”


Dear rabbi,

I have started a new job.
In the building, there is a “multi-faith room”. There are some Moslem carpets, but no specific sign such as a cross or a crescent.

Can I daven mincha there in the winter?
Can I have lunch in the kitchen and then recite birkas haMazon in this “multi faith room”?

Thanks and regards


My first reaction was that since the  “multi-faith rooms” are neutral rooms without any symbols of any religion, it is permitted to pray there. (The author of “Ishey Yisroel” agreed with me). But my chavrusa sent me a link that Rabbi J.D. Soloveitchik forbade praying there.


O:CH 94:9 ibid Mishnah Berurah 29 & 30.

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