I was eating a large peice of challah (pareve) with salami, and i know for a fact that some of the salami touched the challah, after finishing my meal i still had a nice amount of challah left over, do i need to make a heker on this challah? do i have to eat it within the next seudah? (when the s”a yoreh deah 91-3 mentions this din that i should not eat this bread with cheese it makes no mention about anything i need to do with the bread)


If the bread is a “small amount” it can be kept. Their is a dispute as to what is considered a small amount, the size of one meal or three meals. The Mechaber holds one meal and the Ramo holds three. The Chavas Daas writes that a heker does not help after baking.


Rashi Pesachim 36a, Hagahos Shaarey Dura 35:6, Y:D 97:1, ibid Pischey Teshuvah 3.

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