Does anyone comment on the karnei para on Bemidbar 35:5 and Yehoshua 19:51. I believe there are 16 of these in Tenach.
There are also meircha kefulahs in Bereishis 27:25 and Bemidbar 32:42
Do they have any deeper meaning?


Regarding Karnei Para, I saw an explanation as to the connection between the amount of space around the Levi’im’s cities and Karnei Para. That a Karnei Para is a note that goes in two directions, and the 2000 amah area around the cities had two functions, part for open area and part for planting. For the Mercha Kefulahs I didn’t see anything.


Chumash Ohr Hachama ( R’ Zundel Krozer) Bamidbar pg 395.

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