Hi, i received an answer to my question regarding pre-ejaculate fluid :
“The pre-seminal fluid comes from the Cowper gland which neutralizes any acidic urine which remains in the urethra, which is not zera. Also Ezra annulled tevila for a bal keri so therefore brachos can be recited.”
I posted in the comments that i wasn’t sure if this means that theres a heter even WHILE the fluid is seeping out (which i pointed out in the question that it seeps out for a while by me).
I’m not sure what happened to my comment as i don’t see it on the website anymore.


Because of the sensitivity of the issue I suggest you discuss it personally with a reliable Rabbinic authority.



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  1. Hi, I understand its a sensitive issue and thats why i don’t want to discuss it in person. Perhaps you can privately e-mail me your response.

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