Gross but serious question…… I read that there has been found traces of fecal matter in swimming pools from people not cleaning properly after going to the bathroom, assuming that this is vadai that there is “little bits” of tzoa in the water would this cause issue for davening immediately after going swimming or toveling without showering first or since it is so diluted by at least several thousands of gallons of water would it not be a problem halachicly?


There are a few reasons to be lenient. The water, is chlorinated and passes constantly through a sophisticated filtering system. Due to the large amount of water any traces are annulled. Some opinions hold that if the fecal matter on his body is covered, it is not a problem. I would never the less suggest to have a quick shower after swimming!


Brachos 25a, O:CH 79:4 & Mishnah Berurah 14.

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