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Shaliach Tzibbur moving during davening


This morning, in the shul I attend, the Shaliach Tzibbur sponsored a tikkun for a yahrzeit. During ‘Ashrei’, near the end of davening, he left the amud and went to get the schnapps and shot glasses and set them up. He was able to return by the end of Ashrei to the amud. Is this acceptable? (Of course, he said Ashrei b’al peh). Could it be considered a bizayon hatefilah?


I agree with you. You have a good feeling and respect for davening. Any person ( including the Shliach Tzibbur) should not be doing things that will disturb his concentration while saying Ashrei or Uva L’tzion.


M”B 132-2 from Magen Avrohom

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