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I noticed that when I am eating, sometimes hair ends up on my plate. I assume that it is hair from my mustache that came off in the course of eating. When this happens on Shabbos, is it a problem of gozez? (It’s not just one hair, but maybe three in the course of the meal). Is this a halachic concern?

Also, when I have loose, peeling skin on my lips, am I allowed to eat normally even though in the course of eating, the skin comes off?

It may not be a psik reisha, but it is likely to happen.


דרכיה דרכי נעם, a person is allowed to eat on Shabbos even though hair or skin might become detached. It is not a psik reisha, and even if it was it it is to his dissatisfaction.


O:CH 320:18 & 336:7 Mishnah Berurah 27.

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