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Talking torah to a person who intermarried


Do Jews have an obligation to discuss Torah with the intermarried? If it is clear that one who is Jewish in intermarriage has no intent to destroy his “pretense” of marriage to encourage conversion or just find right unmarried life until a proper shidduch is respectable, does a jew have an obligation to approach or discuss that person’s particular matters?

It is curious because many have intermarried thinking that their wife is Jewish but she is a reform convert and not halachically Jewish. Some might have wanted their children to be Jewish but they are not. The reform groups tell them there is no halacha and thus they are not challenged to find their halachic few to think right thoughts on Judaism.

I live in a very unfortunate community because all family friends are from the reform. I have friends whom I know are not Jewish yet are told by others to be Jews. It is frustrating because I cannot think if I should make a comment as perhaps they would want to know halacha, but on the other thought the reform community shuns the orthodox action of right insight from Torah.

Much help could be appreciated.



I read your question and I agree with you that since you sure that the person that intermarried will not listen to you to give up his wife or divorce, therefore it is better for you not to say anything about it. However this doesn’t mean that he won’t listen to any torah topic. He might be willing to hear about the beauty of Shabbos, prayer, believing in God, the meaning of life, personal growth, etc.  These topics might get him interested in learning more and getting closer to his religion.  Just because he did a big sin by intermarrying doesn’t mean that we can’t discuss and help him in other areas. Besides, we can never know what will happen after he will grow.

I wish you much success in helping our brothers come closer to God and really benefit from living a Torah life.

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