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Warming raw edible greenbeans on Shabbos


Is it a problem to warm on Shabbos raw green-beans that are edible on a hot plate? The green-beans will become soft and hot, and maybe also crispy (They are from a frozen bag, but they have already defrosted)


Yes there is a problem with heating any uncooked food, more than Yad Soledes Bo, (approx. 110oF or 44oC ) as it is considered cooking it, and Meleches Bishul. They may however be put near the hot plate that even if it is kept there for a long time, will only be able to get lukewarm.


S.A. O.C. 318-4, Igros Moshe O.C. 4-74 Bishul-3, Minchas Shlomo 1-91.

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