If I am reciting at Birkhat Hamazon at someone else’s house and we are benching together but there is not a mezuman (just the husband and wife), should I still include a harachaman for the baal/baalas habayit or this considered as if benching alone and thus say the harachaman for a yachid?

Also, what about a case where I am benching at someone else’s house, again there is not a mezuman (just the husband and wife), but we are not benching together.


We say the Harachaman anytime that we are eating at someone else’s house or eating from their food, regardless if there is a mezuman or not, or even if the host didn’t eat together. We are giving him a blessing because he gave us the food. However if we eat in a restaurant and we paid for the food we don’t say the Harachaman.


Aruch Hashulchan 201-3, M”B S”T ibid 14-15.

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