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Early Slichos Minyan


The (Orthodox) shul across from my home has a Slichos minyan at 11pm, which I’d like to attend.

I live in Central Israel and chatzot is about 12:30 at night. This is will be my second year reciting Slichot (not frum from birth), and last year I prayed Slichot with the same minyan, not knowing it may be too early. I would like to daven at the same minyan, mainly due to convenience, but also because going to the 6am minyan would cause me to be tired all day and would have a negative impact on my work.

Is it permitted to go to that 11pm minyan to daven Slichot?


Although according to the Zohar one can say the slichos only after chatzos, never the less under extenuating circumstances there are those poskim who permit before chatzos. If I am not mistaken the Gerer Chasidim say slichos early.


Mishmeres Shalom 41:4, Ashrey Hoish 3:13-7, Halichos Shlomo Rosh HaShana 1 Devar Halacha 4, Teshuvas Igros Moshe O:CH 2:105

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