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I work for a company tgat send me out to different clients. My boss does not pay me overtime. I have one client that is ready to pay me for all overtime hours I put in. Am I obliged to tell my boss about it and give him a cut?


Why do you have to work overtime  for the client and not the regular hours? If you tell your boss that the client wants you to work overtime what will his reaction be?



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  1. I am a computer tech, the nature of the job being you dont leave till the issue is solved. Therefore my boss doesn’t usually pay me overtime. However, this specific client was assigned to me and deals directly with me. He now moved locations and needed everthing setup. This was impossible to do in the time frame my boss gave me. (He sends me to other clients as well). I therefore put in a whole bunch of overtime hours. My boss seems to think that this is no different than any overtime hours I put in and that it was my choice to leave at the end of the day, and that he now can charge the client for my overtime work and just give me a small cut. Is it too late now since I have already put in the work without an agreement? Is there some kind of halacha regarding overtime in general?

    1. What happens if the client calls you out of working hours? What is your company’s policy?

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