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Kippahs, Star of David and Idol Worship


Why do we wear Kippah to segregate ourselves from the world? Or symbols like the Star of David which was branded on my family as they died. Idolatry is the central obstruction to Hashem. So …to an idol worshiper these are symbols are used to promote a further misunderstanding which leads to a division of Adon olam……..Has tradition clouded our way to Hashem?


I am sorry to hear that your family died in such a sad way.

I think that you are very right, Idolatry is a central obstruction to Hashem, and this is why it is considered such a terrible sin by Hashem. Jewish tradition teaches us that we are to have a direct relationship with Hashem Himself, and not through any intermediary. This is why we only pray directly to Hashem and not to anything else. We are not allowed to have any Idols or anything that might represent Hashem. We are instructed to serve Hashem directly.

Regarding the Star of David; although it was used by the founders of the state of Israel to represent the state, is not a symbol that represents Judaism or its connection to God. The Star of David is simply the kabalistic symbol that David put on the shield he carried when we went to war, and it was in a way saying that God is also with me when I go out to battle.

Similarly, the reason we wear a Kippah is not in order to segregate ourselves from the world, rather in order to give us the feeling and constant awareness that we are in the presence of God. If Jews’ wearing the Kippah segregates them from the world, this doesn’t necessarily bother us, because then we will learn less of the nation’s bad habits, of cruelty, murder and adultery.

Regarding the tragic death of your family, on one hand it is tragic, but on the other hand there is also something positive to it, since they were killed as Jews. Especially because they were branded with a “Jewish symbol”, this means that they died “al Kiddush Hashem” – sanctifying Hashem’s name. Tradition tells us that a person killed because he is a Jew merits a very high place in the world to come. A benefit that your family will enjoy for many years to come – way after the time they would have died a natural death.


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