How did GOD chose his great prophet MOSES from the wrong and shamefully odd way? I mean ((the way of marriage of man and his aunt??))
Can any man ever feel his aunt as the chosen future wife?!!!


If our society we might look at it in a shameful way, however throughout history, the royal families only married into each other because they wanted to be married only to royal blood. Yocheved was no one less than the daughter of Levi. In fact this couple was “the couple” and “the marriage”, as the Midrash states that when Pharaoh decreed that all the male infants to be thrown into the Nile, Amram, who was the leader of the Jews then divorced his wife Yocheved, because he didn’t want to bring children to the world so they should just get killed. As a result al the Jews divorced their wives. Then Miriam his daughter told him that by not being married he was also “killing” the girls. He accepted what she said and remarried Yocheved, and then all the Jews took their wives back.

By the way, nowadays, after the torah was given, we may not marry an Aunt. This was only permitted before the torah was given.


Rashi Shemos 2-1.


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