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Bringing a sefer torah for a minyan


we have a minyan in the living room of an apartment on shabbos morning with about 20 people. Last week we discovered a mistake in the Torah during the leining. There is a shul very close by who would allow us to use their sefer torah (they had finished davening already). Is the entire minyan required to go to the shul to finish the leining or can we bring the sefer torah to us (kovod sefer torah vs tircha btzibbur)?



You can bring the sefer torah to you, the reason is because you have a permanent minyan there, therefore it is no worse than bringing the sefer torah to a place that there is a gadol b’torah important person.


Rama O”C 135- 14,  Nishamas Avrohom  vol 1 135 qouting R’ S.Z  Auerbach zt”l that a minyan that is already there is like an important person.  Piskei teshuvos 135-27,4.


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