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Hashkafah about Tefillos on Rosh Hashanah


Why do we find so little tefillos for the umos haolam on the yomim noraim with the exception of uvechen ten pachdecha and meloch? For example, we say uchsov lechayim tovim kol benei verisecha which includes only klal yisroel. This question has bothered me. Thank you very much and a kesivah vachasimah tovah!


The yomim noraim is a time for self improvement and amelioration when we try to connect and become closer to HaShem. Even though there are many righteous non Jews the yomim noraim is a unique time given to us to be utilized correctly. In the Tashlich prayer and in the Ribonoy Shel Olam prayer  said when the sefer torah is taken out, we ask that the hearts of the Kings and his advisers should be favorable towards us.



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