Should one make a mezonos on a seven layer cake at the end of a seuda? (Icing on the inside, sugary dough, and the cake crumbles—although I’m not sure if the 3rd type of pas haba b’kisnin requires crunchy)

Thank you!


Eating cake at the end of the meal is a complicated issue. For a mezonos to be said the cake has to fulfill all the three conditions of pas haba b’kisnin which is not common. Therefore the best thing to do is to have in mind when saying hamotzei to include the cake at the end of the meal, because there are opinions (Chayeh Adam) that bideeved the brocho of hamotzei covers also mezonos.


O:CH 168 Biur Halacha ד”ה טעונים, Kaf Hachaim 168:49

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