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Dairy and meaty dishes washed together


Our domestic help washed our meaty and dairy dishes, silverware, glasses etc in the same sink. What do we need to do in terms of kashering etc?
Since this happened the items washes have been put away in their respective cabinets and we don’t know exactly which ones were cleaned together


The dishes etc. do not have to be kashered, and there are a number of permitting factors here. First of all we don’t know if they were washed together of not. If they weren’t washed together there surely is no problem. Secondly we can assume that even if there were washed together, the domestic help used dishwashing soap, which would render everything nosain taam lefgam according to many poskim. Thirdly, since now the dishes were already put back and we don’t know which of the dishes were affected, the absorbed taste that was in the dishes is now mixed up with all of the other good dishes.


Rema Y”D 95-3,

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