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P’sul in mezuzah overlooked by examiner


Shalom uvracha!

In addition to the question I submitted 7 weeks ago, #39287, which I hope he can respond to in the near future, here’s another shaila for Rav Fleischman.

I have a mezuzah, for example, checked by 2 magiim. The 2nd magia finds a psul or something that affects the requested standard of hiddur and it was overlooked by the first magia. If there’s no disagreement as to the status of the mezuzah and it needs to be returned to the sofer, do I have to pay the first magia and can I claim that he should pay for the cost of the 2nd hagaah since it should never have made it past him? (To claim that 2 hagaos aren’t a necessity so he shouldn’t have to pay for my chumra is not a claim since there’s clear basis for it both in halacha and lemaaseh.)


Here is R’ Fleisman’s answer:

I don’t understand why you would think the first magea should pay for the second hago’o-I could hear that he should not be paid because he didn’t do his job. However that really has to do with whether this is called not doing the job bec the fact that two or three hago’os are usually done would seem to indicate that quite often things are overlooked in which case you would need to pay in full bec he did his job. This would seem to depend on the nature of the mistake that was found. Therefore, if you don’t want to pay in full discuss with the second magia and perhaps a Rov who is acquainted with the field whether the fact that this was overlooked is an indication that the first one didn’t do his job. However don’t be quick to decide that he shouldn’t be paid bec in addition to having mezuzos that are mehudar it is important that your monetary dealings are mehudar too.


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