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meat and dairy crockpot



I’d like to purchase the crock pot lunch warmer to use at work. It’s not practical to purchase two of them but it’s possible to purchase additional inserts.

This is the crock pot:

This is the additional insert:—crock-pot-lunch-crock-warmer/154441-000-000.html#start=1

Would I be able to use the same crock pot for reheating both dairy and meat foods, if I use separate inserts for the meat and dairy?

Thank you.


I can’t see the links that you sent me, and I am assuming that this crock pot is the same as other ones. Meaning, that it has a heating element and an earthenware receptacle that gets placed on top of it.

You are allowed to use separate inserts one for meat and the other for dairy, just make sure that you can clearly tell which one is for meat and which for milk. It is better to mark them so it will be clear. Also make sure that when you put the pot on to the heating element that it is clean of the other type of food.


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