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Can a Wife inherit an estate without a kinyon.


If a husband writes a secular will for his wife, that if he passes away the house gets transferred to her. Then If the husband passes away is the house halachically considered transferred to the wife? (Also would it matter if the wife’s name is also on the deed to the house?
Can a wife halachically inherit a husbands estate?



I apologize the answer took so long.

According to Halacha a wife does not inherit the house, however she has the right to live in it for the rest of her life, or until she remarries (similar to a protected home)

If the apartment is registered in both of thier names then she owns half of the house.

Besides although she doesn’t inherit her husband she is also entitled to support on the standard of living that they lived on when he was alive from his estate until she dies or remarries. She also gets her ketubah, however to take the ketubah is not so practical or worthwhile, because them she would have to swear that she didn’t take any of it yet, and besides afterwards she would lose her rights to support



S:A E:H 93,94

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