Can a tall hotel next door to a stadium advertise & charge admission for people to watch the game from their rooftop? In secular law, this was an actual case where hotels next door to Wrigly Field in Chicago did exactly that and were sued in court, and eventually they reached an out of court settlement. Please cite מראה מקומות, thank you.


I am only writing my thoughts not the halacha. A person can charge what he wishes to allow people into his premises. Perhaps there might be a problem that although the hotels are benefiting from the game, they are causing a monetary loss to the stadium because spectators are paying them and not the stadium.


Rosh Bava Kama 3:6

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2 Responses to “Profiting from event on neighbors property”

  1. Does someone have a right to peer into my private property, when it’s very clear that I’m makpid? If I do something in my front yard, one can say that obviously I’m not Makpid, but a stadium is like my backyard , where I clearly want privacy!

    • See Bava Basra 2b that one should not peer into one’s neighbor’s wheat field. CH:M 378:5

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