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Banister on steps outside house


My brother recently moved into a house. They have 3 steps leading up to the house. There is no banister or wall on the sides of these steps.

The issue is this: They have asked my mother to pick up their baby from day care couple of times a week and bring him home. She feels very uncomfortable walking up stairs where she has nothing to hold onto, even if it’s only a couple of steps. She is very afraid of falling.

In this case, does my brother have a chiyuv to put up a banister? Kibud Eim/don’t put a stumbling block before the blind? Other?

They have told her that they will not put up a banister because they say it will be ugly.


A person is obligated to remove an potential threat of danger from his property.How will your brother feel if if she falls ח”ו?


Devorim 22:8, Rambam Hilchos Rotseach 11:4, CH:M 427:8

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