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bracha on ground flaxseed


A flaxseed wrap… what bracha??
Thanks so much!!


On flaxseed whole or ground one should make shehakol. a) Majority of seeds used in conjunction with other foods so considered tafel (subsidiary) b) majority planted for the flax not for the seeds c) Mainly only health fads eat them so considered subsidiary. Therefore drops a bracha from hoadomo to shehakol.


O:CH 202:3, Sharey Teshuvoh 6 & Mishnah Berurah 23

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  1. I eat whole Golden Flax Seeds alone – without any other food. Usually 1-3 tablespoons at a time with water. Yes, it is for health, but not prescribed, and I do enjoy it. Do I still say Shehakol? If not, is it Ha’etz or Ha’adomo?

    Thank you very much!

    1. The bracha is still shehakol because it is not the norm to eat them this way.

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