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Do I need to put on teffilin or daven with a minyan when I have to repeat davening


A person neglected to say mashiv haruach or yaalev v’yavo (on Rosh Chodesh) in the morning prayer. He has already removed his tefillin. Is he obligated to put them back on prior to repeating S”E? Should he try to repeat S”E with a minyan, or do we say that he already fulfilled tefilla b’tzibbur the first time around (even though his tefilla was not valid and is required to be repeated)?


Regarding davening with a minyan it is preferable that he daven the second time with a minyan, however if this will cause bitul torah he can be lenient.

Regarding tefillin he certainly should daven with his tefillin, as we see in numerous places that davening with tefillin is more important than davening even with a minyan. There are opinions that he can be lenient if he will be is embarrassed to daven with his tefillin.



Davening with a minyan – Teffiloh Khilchoso1-58, Mikroei Kodesh chanukah-purim pg 33, Oz NIdrebu 14-37.

Davening with tefillin- M”B 66-40, also the Chayei Adam Says that a person from E”Y in Chutz Laaretz when he doesn’t have Yom Tov should rather daven alone with his tefillin than daven with a minyan. Bais Shearim  O“CH 145, also seeMaharshag  3-52,3 who argues on this. Oz Nidberu 5-29 if he is embarrassed


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