Is one permitted to be present in a room where a rav is giving a shiur even though one has not yet said the blessings of the Torah? (One is not particularly paying attention to the shiur, but is rather putting on tallis/ tefillin in that room.)


There is a dispute whether one says  the blessings of the Torah if one only thinks Torah. There is also a dispute whether listening to someone else is considered like saying himself. If one is not  paying attention to the shiur, but is rather putting on tallis or tefillin is not better than “thinking” so therefore he can rely on the lenient opinions and stay in the room.


Tosefos Brochos 20 b ד”ה כדאשכחן, O:CH 47:4, Biur Halacha ד”ה המהרהר, Birkey Yosef O:CH 47:4, Teshuvos Elef Lecho Shlomo 35.

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