Can G-D delete? Can people be deleted so they don’t exist? If yes, what suggests it (like in creation)


Sorry don’t understand the nature of the question.



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2 Responses to “Can G-D delete? Can people be deleted so they don’t exist?”

  1. This is a good question. By Delete, you mean removing a person from physical and
    spititual existence.
    An evil rosha who commits horrendous crimes, can’t atone by teshuva in this world or shomayim. An example is Hitler ימ״ש. Their neshoma gets shredded and scattered so that it no longer exist. In effect, they are Deleted. Source: seforim

    • Shredded and scattered does not mean that they ease to exist.They may not be prodicing anymore, but that doesn’t mean thay they are non existent.

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