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Eating before davening Mussaf


Is it ok to eat before davening mussaf? If a person had to leave shul early and won’t daven musaf until later is it okay to eat before?
Is there a difference between shabbos and rosh chodesh?




During the week, it is permitted to eat a little bit before davening mussaf. One may eat cake or other mezonos up to a K’baytza, (an eggs worth), and as much as he wants or fruits and vegetables etc. If he is weak or sick he may eat even more than that, enough to make him feel better.

On Shabbos however he should not eat at all until he makes first makes Kiddush. When making Kiddush he should preferably drink a full Revi’is with the cake, if he can’t do that he should at least drink at least a cheek full

If one made Kiddush before davening mussaf on Shabbos he should preferably make Kiddush again after mussaf, before eating the meal.



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