We have one sink and very shortly after washing dairy dishes (although i dont THINK there was any water that was yad soledes bo used for washing) the rack at bottom of the sink were switched to fleishigs without cleaning the sink first and then boiling hot fleishig equiptment spagetti was poured into strainer in the sink from the pot which was fleishig equiptment but not ben yomo…did the steam from the water that the spagetti was cooked in mixing with the residue in sink treif the plastic strainer, stainless pot etc? Would it have made a difference if the dairy dishes had been washed with yad soledes bo water?


The pot and strainer are fine. Even if the dairy dishes had been washed with yad soledes  water.


Tosefos Chulin 111b ד”ה הלכתא, ibid Rosh 29, Teshuvas Harosh 20:26 Y:D Y:D 92:8, 95:3 Shach 5&17, Pri Megodim Sifsey Daas 5&17, Chochmas Adam 48:13

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