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Personal Struggle


Hello there! Shalom aleichem. I have been studying about Judaism for two years now and have learned a little bit. I have also been listening to some rabbi’s like rabbi Yosef mizrachi and some others. This learning has really helped me to be closer to god and to gain more knowledge about him and it has also consolidated my belief in god(I already believe in one god) I wanted to ask you that how do we deal with personal galut and situations in life when you feel abandoned. Although you can clearly see hasgachah in your life and know what hashem has done for you and also that we should pray to him to connect with him but it is so hard sometimes and you start to lose hope. You think maybe hashem is afflicting you to clear of your sins and so that you can connect with him but how can we prevent ourselves from losing hope when we don’t see any signs of salvation close enough.


I understand your query well. Many are bothered with the same question. The saintly Chofetz Chaim once remarked that if a person “believes” he doesn’t have any questions, and if he does not “believe” all the answers in the world will not suffice! You should try find a mentor who can guide and advise you. Also if you can find some appropriate reading material I am sure it will be very useful. Despair is the tool of the Yetzer Horah (evil Inclination), Hashem is constantly with us.



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