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Eating in Non Observant Home with kosher kitchen


My mechutanim – the parents of my son-in-law, a baal teshuvah and ben Torah (in Semicha program) are not shomer Shabbos. They recently had their kitchen kashered by Chabad, bought all new sets of dishes, utensils, appliances; my son-in -aw did tevillah. My son-in law and daughter now eat there, and my mechutanim claim that they have been very careful. l would consider them trustworthy people, as they are very supportive of their son-in-law’s frum life, and my wife and I have a good relationship with them. Question: May I (and my family) eat in the home of my mechutanim, based upon the ne’emanus of my frum son-in-law, and the sensitivity of the relationship? (They have come to our home for various occasions / meals). I know the general rule is that unless someone is shomer Shabbos, one cannot presuppose they are carefuful with kashrus. In this case, since my frum son-in-law trusts his parents, can we be someich upon his trust, and the sensitivity of the relationship? Thank you very much.


Since they are fully supportive of a frum life style and have made a big effort to have their kitchen made kosher they can be trusted. But the problem is their limited knowledge of kashrus laws. One has to be sure that they do not out of lack of knowledge mix milk and meaty foods or utensils together. Also one has to ascertain that all the products used in the kitchen are kosher.



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