I’m a sophomore at NYU studying Finance and Economics. I’m quite interested in Real Estate Finance and I was wondering what restrictions I would have with regards to careers as an observant Orthodox Jew. There are 3 main institutions that I am curious about: Mortgage Brokerage, Traditional Bank Real Estate Lending(Large Firms like Valley National Bank, Chase, etc)and Real Estate Financing Institutions(e.g, Envoy Net Lease Partners, Investors invest in this group which then finances Real Estate deals; no deposits in this group just financing real estate transactions).
For each of these institutions, would there be any career limitations? As an employee, even at a high level, I wouldn’t really be lending my own money. Even if I am using some of my own money, if there are others’ money in the pot, would it be a problem of lending to a Jew(given that the borrower was a Jew).



The subject of ribbis (the prohibition against lending at interest) is very extensive and complicated, and the possibilities of actually violating this prohibition are numerous. There are many instances where a person has no idea that he is involved in ribbis.I therefore suggest you find a reliable Rabbi with whom you can discuss the different possibilities of your future career.


Taz 168-169:36

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