A rabbi is helping a not religious person make a bracha on food, word by word. After the not religious person completes the bracha, the rabbi desires to say Amein; however, he is concerned that the person will copy him and also say Amein, which would be a hefsek. What should the rabbi do? If the person did copy him and say Amein before eating, should he be made to repeat the bracha?

There are a n umber of things the rabbi can do, he can say Amen quietly, so that the other person doesn’t hear him, or he can say it quickly so that the other person can’t copy him, or he can explain it to the person before he starts saying the bracha that he is going to answer amen, which is the way we answer when we hear someone else making a bracha.

May you have much bracha and hatzlocho in your holy work.

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2 Responses to “Answering Amen to your own bracha”

  1. Does the M’B in 215 1 not say being from the Pri Megadim that he DOES need to repeat the Bracha if he says Amen before eating?

    • You are right. I understood it differantly, nevertheless you are correct. The appropriate changes were already made.
      Thank you.

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