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Dear Rabbonim,

We rented a house from Non-frum Jews in Israel. The house only had 1 mezuza on the front door and we needed a further 7 for the remaining rooms in the house.

The ba’al habayit will most probably not reimburse the value of the mezuzas and I wanted to know if there was any heter to take them with us afterwards?

Thank you in advance



There are a few options, firstly after it is rented out to someone else you can ask him to reimburse the money for the mezuzos, or you can ask the ba’al habayit to ask the next renter to reimburse you, ( provided that he is willing to do so).

Another option is that you may switch the mezuzos for cheaper ones, as long as they are kosher. When doing this it is preferred that they are taken off to be checked, and while they are off put the other ones in their place.  It is also preferable to do this a little bit before you leave the apartment.

Also, if the apartment is going to be rented to a non-Jew afterwards, you may take the mezuzos off, since there is fear that he will desecrate the mezuzah. There is also an opinion that if the apartment will be rented to an anti- religious person, (not just non religious) because of the fear that he might desecrate he mezuzah.


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