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Pareve vegetables stored in Meat container


What is the status of containers which havent been used for fleishig but have sat in the fleishig sink with other meat dishes and liquids (I might have poured hot fleishig liquid into the sink when the containers were in there). If i cut vegetables with a pareve knife and stored them in these containers, are the vegetables still pareve? Can I use them on pizza to melt cheese on top of?


The container is still pareve and not fleishig unless we know that it sat in the fleishig liquid, for 24 hours straight, which is not likely.  If the liquid didn’t contain actual meat, but was only food from fleishig pots it is also pareve. Therefore we can assue that the container is still pareve.

The fact that you might have poured hot fleishig, we aren’t going to assume that that happened unless you know you did.

In any case the vegetables are still pareve, and they may be used even for melting cheese on them, this is because even if the container would be considered fleishig, the vegetables aren’t, because it is nat bar nat D’heterira, (absorbed taste of a permitted item that got reabsorbed into something else) which is permitted.


Y:D 95-1, 105-1.

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