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What bracha is stuffing made out of small cubes of bread?


I did a Google search on “What bracha is stuffing” and it seems that the consensus is that if the pieces of bread are less than a kezayis you would make mezonos. i have learned the siman myself in Mishna Berurah that bread looses it’s status of bread if it is cooked or fried, such as matza balls. I am not convinced, though, that the stuffing mixture really ever looses its status of bread in the first place. I don’t know the details well enough to make a decision for myself. This is how I made the stuffing. I toasted 10 slices of bread (which are hamotzei) and cut it into small cubes. Then I poured a cup of broth on top of the bowl of toasted bread cubes and lightly fluffed it to moisten all the cubes. Then I added another cup of margarine with sauteed onions. The mixture never became fully immersed in a liquid and was simply moistened and then baked. I was not under the impression that this moistening of bread, not immersing and cooking it, suffices to change the status to mezonos. When you make matza brei, you soak the pieces of matza for a few minutes, so I understand why that would be different. If I am correct, and the stuffing I made is hamotzei, I do not understand the premise of these other websites that have ruled that is mezonos, since I am under the impression that this is the only way to make stuffing.


I understand you very well. I don’t know what recipes they are using. HOwever even in your case the brachas should be Mezonos, bercause the water that you added to the stuffing is going to get cokked togethe with the chicken when it is baked! Therefore the stuffing is less than a kzayis, and cooked.

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  1. I did not bake it with chicken. I just made it by itself in a pan. Is it still mezonos?

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