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Asher Yatzar at work


A person is embarrassed to make an asher yatzar at work in front of goyim. Is there any heter to say it in the bathroom, assuming that it is clean and there is no waste matter there? Any other alternatives?


The poskim say that although our bathrooms nowadays do not have any refuse in them, even if they are clean, nevertheless should still be halachically considered a Bais Hakisai. There are a few reasons for this. One is that the refuse does stay there a little bit until it is flushed, secondly, often there it isn’t totally clean, and also because the toilet itself is considered like a “graf she rei”. (a bedpan).

Maybe it is possible for you to go somewhere private and say the bracha while walking there, or if that doesn’t work, maybe sit down by your desk and say it.

May Hashem help you with all your challenges.


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