1. Please can you tell me where it says in Rashi that Rivka was 3 years old when she married Yitzchak. What pasuk and chapter?

2. How can a girl of 3 years old have poured out all those heavy jugs of water for those camels and Eliezer?



  1. The Rashi is in Breishis Chapter 25 verse 20.
  2. I understand that the concept of someone being so mature at such a young age is foreign to you, but consider the fact that this girl told her mother, that she wants to go Eliezer and if she doesn’t allow it she will go on her own… at age three! Besides when she first saw Yitchok it says that she was so overcome with awe that she slipped herself from the camel, in respect. A three years old… but made of a different quality than what were are used to.  There weren’t that many matriarchs.Besides who said that the jugs were so big and heavy, maybe they were smallish and not so heavy.


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2 Responses to “Rivka age 3 on marriage”

  1. I don’t understand the need to say she was 3 years old. It seems to assume that Avraham found out about her birth as soon as she was born. Why make such an assumption?

    • Chazal learn it out of the fact that the two pesukim were put together, that this is what happened. Besides they also had it from mesora, it wasn’t just an assumption.

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