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Davening fast in order to make shemona esrei.


If in order to make tefilla b’tzibbur, one has to daven Pesukei D’Zimra (abbreviated) + the blessings of krias shema extremely fast, should one do so, or should he daven at a normal pace and forego tefilla b’tzibbur?

If one knows that the rabbi/ chazzan is waiting for you to catch up (before he starts Emes veyatziv), should you daven fast, or should you gesture to him that he should not wait for you?

[There is an eitza to daven SE together with the chazzan; however, I do not like to do this.]


Before getting to the actual answer, abbreviating Pesukei D’zimra is extremely b’dieved, and should only be done when left with no other choice. (M”B 52-1) If there is another minyan that he can daven at he should, (Piskei Teshovos 52-3 and ftnt 5).

If you will have to say the abbreviated pesukei d’zimra, and birkas kriyas shema  extremely fast in order to make teffilah b’tzibur, it is better to daven slower and daven shmona esrei together with the chazzan, because that is also partially considered b’tzibur, and to daven to quickly that you can’t say the words correctly is affecting the davening very seriously. Therefore daven slower, and you will be able to have the partial teffilah b’tzibur with the chazzan.

If the chazzan is waiting for you, if it is because they need for the minyan to start Shemona Esrei, he shouldn’t wave him on, rather he should daven quickly while being careful to say the words correctly.


Horav Y. Cahen Shlit”a and other poskim.

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