If one knows that he asked for dew and rain in the bracha of mevorech hashonim, is it permitted to ask for it again in shomea tefilla, in order to be absolutely certain beyond all doubt that one was yotzi, or is it considered somehow disrespectful to say the same prayer twice if there is no actual need to do so?  (See Daas Noteh 1-201)

(For example, after 30 days have passed, one has a chazaka that he requested dew and rain. If one is past that point in SE, and he cannot remember whether or he did so, he is not, strictly speaking, obligated to request it again in shomea tefilla. But if he desires to do so…..)

For example, if a person prayed for something in the middle brachos, it would probably be disrespectful for him to repeat the same thing in Elokai Netzor, as though G-d didn’t hear him the first time, c”v? So perhaps the same idea would apply here?


If he is doing it because he might have to really say it, and then it isn’t superfluous or disrespectful. Even If 30 days passed and he isn’t sure if he said it, although he can rely on the fact that he most probably did say it, if in actuality he didn’t his tefilah is surely missing.  There are poskim that say that if he caught himself making a mistake 3 times in a row, he can’t rely on the fact that 30 days passed. Therefore he has room to say it if he is in doubt. However if he knows for sure that he said it he shouldn’t say it again, like it says in Daas Noteh.

There may be a different reason here to be careful – OCD. If the person knows that he said what he should, why should he re-say it just in case? That is just like locking the door and then checking three times to make sure it really is locked.


Piskei Teshuvos 114- 12 quoting Eshel Avrohom, there is also something similatr to this from R’ S.Z. Auerbach in the IDrhushu Mishna Berura 114- 50.

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