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Attending a social event for work purposes in year of mourning for a parent


I am a writer by profession, and have been asked to cover a women’s event for a chesed organization so I can then write up about the event.
Our Rav paskened that for work purposes I can attend – but to try not to enjoy the evening.
My question is – what is the definition of not enjoying the evening?
1) the program includes a dairy buffet – am I allowed to partake of the food?
2) The organization has supplied me with a spare ticket so that I can bring along a guest. Is this allowed? Or will it enhance my pleasure?
3) There is a singer as part of the program – I imagine I must remove myself from the hall for this part, is that correct?

I’d greatly appreciate answers to these questions.
Many thanks


It is controversial, some poskim say that all three of your questions are permitted, since you are not there for enjoyment rather for work purposes. However others hold that they are all not permitted, unless you are actively busy working then.

I would say that you should go back to the Rov who told you this and do what he tells you to do.

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