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Who has the rights over a logo made by a worker for a company.



Chaim is working as secretary in a company. Also, in his free time he works private in graphics. He made a logo for the company a few years ago (he didn’t get special paid for it, he did it as secretary), & the company is using it on all letters, envelopes etc.

If Chaim stops working for the company, can he say that he doesn’t want the company to use this logo anymore?

Thank you very much




This sounds like a din torah, and it isn’t possible to answer this correctly when hearing only one side. However let me just bring up a few points here.

Who the logo belongs to, will depend on what was made up between the sides at the time it was made. Was it given to the company, or was it merely given to them to use, and Chaim wanted to retain rights over it, or was this part of what he did for the company as thier worker? This is something that has to be investigated.

Besides, even if the logo does belong to the company, it is possible that Chaim can get compensation for it, but again it depends on the agreement that he had with the company.

I would advise that the parties speak to a competent Rov knowledgeable in Choshen Mishpat, and to clarify things.


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