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Chillul Hashem by coming late to a class


If a Jew comes late to class (in college, etc.), is it a Chillul Hashem? I’m not saying that it is good to be late – of course not – but is it really such a grave sin as to be a Chillul Hashem and not even YK atones? If he is running late, would it be better not to come at all than to walk in with a yarmulke and tzitzis and a long beard ten minutes late and make a Chillul Hashem?


An act is considered a chillul Hashem if it is below the standard expected from such a person. (The bigger the person the greater the expectation) Regarding your situation, it will depend on what is the norm in the collage, if people do come late occasionally, and it isn’t looked down upon, then it isn’t a chillul Hashem, but of it is then yes. I don’t know your situation, but if walking into class with a yarmulka, tzitzis and a beard, will lower the people in the class’s opinion of orthodox people, then it will be a chillul Hashem. Another point to consider is that if the people in the class already know you, and you usually don’t come late, and act nicely to them, if you come late one time, and it isn’t considered rude to walk in late when it is a one time occurance, then it would also be alright. Again all depending on the situation  


Yoma 86a

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  1. But the professor is not happy, obviously, when students come late. It certainly isn’t a Kiddush Hashem! So (at least in some cases) a person who is running late should rather not come, than to come late and make a Chillul Hashem? If he knows (or even thinks) that it would be a Chillul Hashem for whatever reason, whether in the eyes of the professor or the students or both, it would be halachically prohibited for him to step foot into the classroom, since making a Chillul Hashem is a halachic prohibition that one may not transgress, the same way that one may not eat pork?

    Obviously, each situation is different (maybe), but the rav is telling me that in some cases it would be a Chillul Hashem, and therefore (in those situations) to step foot into the classroom late would be equivalent to eating pork, and one who is running late is halachically obligated to skip the class altogether (and then offer some excuse like sickness)?

    1. HOw about asking thee professor what he says you should do, miss the class or come in late. You’re baseing your question on an assumtion that might not be true. Besides if you ask him he might be more understanding of you and it will be alright.

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